Kingdom blessings


  • Lord for all to partake of as we are all somebody in His Kingdom!  We celebrate the gift of new life as we have church and great love.
    Mission Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace; where there is hatred, let me show love; doubt, faith; where there is despair; hope, where there is darkness; light, sadness; joy. Oh, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much to be consoled as to console, To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; it is in parting that we are parted. 

  • CHURCH HISTORY- First Church of the Christ Mind started in 1980 under the leadership of the late Rev. S. Wilson Jr. In 1995, Rev. S. Wilson passed and Minister C. Gillard became the Overseer and continue to run the Church until 1998 when the Lord sent her else where. In 1998 the Lord told Minister Gillard to re-open the church.  August 3, 1998, Minister Gillard, the late Mother M. Wilson, Evangelist R. Davis, Brother M. Clemons and a couple of others started having Prayer on Thursday-night in Mt. Vernon, in Mother Wilson house.  
  •   In a couple of months God changed the service into Prayer and Deliverance Service in Mt. Vernon on 2nd Ave. In 2000 God moved the Church to the Bronx on Findley Ave.   April 2000 God Appointed Minister Gillard to become the Pastor, First Church became the New First Church of the Christ Mind, Inc. In 2004 was a sad and unhappy change, our Church Mother M. Wilson passed, which was the Pastor's help and back bone, the organist, and the driver for the church, but God sent new Praisers, Worshippers and help. New First Church had grown Spiritually, Financially and  increase of new members. We have Pastors, Elders, Ministers, Prophetess, Evangelists, Missionaries, Deacons, Deaconess, Ushers and a Nurse for the Pastor, Mass and Youth Choir and a Male Group. The Church has gone through many changes some people have come and some have gone, but God has kept the doors open. We have moved many times. Mt. Vernon-2nd Ave, Findley Ave,  East Tremont &West Farm, Bosten Road & Prospect, 215th & White Plaines Road, Southern Blvd & Freeman Ave, 156th &Union Ave, 132st in NYC, 135th St & Willis Ave, Morris Ave &Fordam Road and now God has bless us to be here on 179th St. We move and get blessed each move!  In September 2007, God had us to change the name to God's Fellowship Temple Inc. The Lord has blessed the church and members since. In 2007, God's Fellowship Temple Inc. enlarged their territory and became God's Fellowship Temple Worldwide.  Now there are 10 churches under our covering.   We will soon be doing our 1st TV taping for  Cable. For the Bronx, and Manhattan.   We have A youtube site ~  GodsFellowshipTemple God is still moving and God's FellowshipTemple Inc. needs your Prayer that we will be the Church God is looking for. God Bless you, Apostle Dr. Clarice Gillard-Ingram                                              

The Visionary


Chief Apostle Dr. Clarice Gillard Ingram: Chaplain-D.D.

  • Apostle Dr. Clarice Gillard-Ingram has been working in church since the age of 9, under the leadership of the late Rev. E.W. Allen, of Allen Memorial COGIC in Mt. Vernon. She worked with the Sunday School Dept. a Jr. Teacher;  coordinated the Easter, Christmas and other Youth Programs.  Served on Usher Board and sang with the Allen Glee Club Choir.  Worked faithfully until her family decided to move their membership to the Garden of Prayer COGIC, in the Bronx were she was part of the Youth Choir.  At the age of 21, she started working with the Youth Dept. under the leadership of the late Bishop W.J. Robinson and Evangelist Tolbert as a counselor and with the late Mother L. Bradley, as a Jr. Missionary. 1982, Married Mr. Gerald Gillard Sr. 1983, Apostle moved to Westchester County and started working in the First Church of the Christ Mind under the leadership of the late Rev.Sim Wilson Jr. Here is where her growth in the ministry began to grow again. Her love for the Youth, blessed her to become the Youth leader, President of the Women Dept. and the Head of the Prayer Service. She was also Rev. Wilson Administrator. 1985, received Missionary License. Started a Youth Choir called Interfaith Fellowship Choir, had 150 members from many churches.  The choir travel to Bobby Jones, Youth Explosion 1987, They song with Rev. White (Known as Mr. Clean), they won 2 McDonalds Gospel Fest, and Ministered in the parks and on TV many times. 1994 received her Evangelist License. Started ministering and helping other churches. In 1995, When Pastor Wilson, passed she became the Overseer of First Church. 1996, she received her Ministers License. Been a Minister of Help to different Churches around the area and state.  Under God’s anointing since an early age influence by her grandmother the late Evangelist Mother Mary McIver. Apostle Ingram has gone to Manhattan Bible Institute, Family of Christ Theological Seminary; she is also a State Chaplin. 1998, she started having prayer in Mother Wilson house and the ministry. 2000, she started New First Church of the Christ Mind. 2005, Apostle Ingram became co-producer of the TV, Cable show call Christian Talk with Elder S. Jefferson. September 2007, God gave her a new vision to rename the Church God’s Fellowship Temple.  In October of 2007, Apostle became an Apostle & Overseer of 7 Churches. September 2009, received Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Soul Clinic International Ministries for all the years of dedicated work building the kingdom.  2010, started Fellowship with God Ministry - Associated Minister J. Wright & Pastor F Crawford. July 2012, N.C. called Greater Glory Ministry - Pastor F. Jones Apostle Ingram is Overseer for a number of churches starting with God's Fellowship Temple Inc.Bx, Fellowship With God Ministry NYC, Unlimited Power of God Ministry Bx, Ambassador for Christ Outreach Ministry Bx, United Fellowship Outreach Ministry Bx, Renew Spirit Outreach Ministry NYC, Greater Glory Ministry NC, One in God's Love Ministry NYC, God's Fellowship Temple. #2- Eliz. City, N.C. - Pastor J. Robinson. Soon will be starting a Ministry in Stamford, Conn~ God's Deliverance Center - Pastor-Elect Prophetess T. Greene. Apostle Dr. C. Gillard-Ingram is the oldest child of the late Mother Bundia Williams, The proud mother of two sons, Calvin Harper, and Lawrence Gillard,two step-sons Gerald & Tyrone Gillard, Mother-in-law of Christa and Taconya, Grandmother of  5 grandchildren, Khirsten, Calvin Jr.,Celeste, Kaplan and Essence. Apostle's name for the Fellowship of the churches is God's Fellowship Temple Worldwide Inc. Headquarter is in the Bronx, NY. She is looking and waiting to hear from God for her next move for the Ministries. The goal for the churches are to fellowship with one another, as we give God all of the Praise. As we demonstrate how Churches and the community can work together for the good of man and God.                                                                                
     Chief Apostle/Pastor/Founder/Visionary

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